Three Cambridge Street Scenes: Faceless protest—Pensive—Fun for less

Three Cambridge Street Scenes 
Taken with a Ricoh GR

Faceless protest
Fun for less
 In connection with my occasional forays into street photography and social comment readers may be interested to click the following link to read the photo essay I recently wrote for the Culture Matters website:


“Today, when words have lost their material base—in other words, their reality—and seem suspended in mid-air, a photographer’s eye can capture fragments of reality that cannot be expressed in language as it is. He can submit those images as a document to be considered alongside language and ideology. This is why, brash as it may seem, Provoke has the subtitle, ‘provocative documents for thought.’”

Manifesto of the “Provoke Group” (1968) signed by Kohi Taki, Takuma Nakahira, Takahiko Okada, Yutaka Takanashi, and Daido Moriyama 


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