A few photos of a walk round the base of Houllna Gruna to visit the bay called Wood Wick

Fence posts, barbed wire and a dry stone wall on the way up
Unlike yesterday it was, for the most part, a rainy and overcast day. However, I still felt impelled to risk a shortish walk up to the end of the Loch of Cliff and around Houllna Gruna to visit the bay called Wood Wick. I got to the bay without getting wet at all and enjoyed my lunch and a flask of tea whilst looking westwards towards the little group of islands called North Holms. For me the most striking thing was not so much the scenery—though that was striking enough—but the complete absence of any human sounds whatsoever;  just the wind, the sea, the cry of various sea-birds and then, finally, the rain on my back.

I made my way back along the route by which I came but, towards the end, took a short-cut via an old ruined croft and a trackway that runs up to the cottage where we're staying where a warm cup of tea and dry clothes awaited me.

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All taken with an iPhone 6+ and the Blackie App

My first sight of Wood Wick
Wood Wick
Wood Wick
The south side of Wood Wick
The north side of Wood Wick 
The view while I ate my lunch with the small islands of North Holms in the distance
The ruined croft
The ruined croft with the Loch of Cliff in the distance
Looking towards the trackway leading back towards the Scraefield Cottage
Looking back down the trackway from just below Scraefield Cottage
Scraefield Cottage
The view back along the trackway from the cottage
Scraefield Cottage