Some Fenland Photos

This morning I decided to take the Copenhagen-Pedersen over to Aldreth and visit a little of what might be called Hereward the Wake country. Here, for your enjoyment, are a few photos from the ride. They were all taken with an iPhone 6+ and edited using a combo created for the Hipstamatic app by Ger van den Elzen. He created it as an homage to the 17th century Dutch landscape painters and says:

“Somehow the way of looking at things in nature is still the same and the final results [of this combo] sometimes looks like a ‘digital’ painting.” 

The Cambridgeshire fen landscape, where these photos were taken, is, of course, a very Dutch landscape, one created by Cornelius Vermuyden (1595–1677), the engineer who introduced Dutch land reclamation methods to England during the seventeenth-century. It seemed, therefore, entirely appropriate to use Ger van den Elzen’s lovely gift to we Hipstographers.