A few b&w photos from around Cambridge and an accompanying thought from Matthijs Vermeulen

I post here just a few random photos taken around Cambridge in the last few days to which I add an accompanying thought from a Dutch composer called Matthijs Vermeulen (1888-1967) that's been in my mind (along with his music) as I wandered around with my camera:

I would have liked to live in a society in which the architect of a cathedral earns the same as the bricklayer and the mason, in which all human labour is rewarded equally, the Minister and the servant, the banker and the dogsbody. Everyone would follow their own impulse, without other considerations. Man would only be assessed by his inner nature and genuineness.

(Written on 23 January 1945, Het enige hart, p. 167.)

A lazy Saturday morning
Proud Venus
In the Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Union Road from Panton Street 
Looking towards Gonville Place from Lensfield Road
Parker's Piece
Parker Street
Parker Street
The Memorial (Unitarian) Church, Emmanuel Road


Anonymous said…
Have you noticed in the second to last photo of the unitarian church there appears to be a chinese dragon serpent rising from the bell tower with a clear face with dark eyes and even a whispy 'goatie'? Could this be the insurrection?? ;)
Now there's a thought . . .

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