Faith does not consist of believing in something amazing—reading Tolstoy in the sun at Ickleton

The Guv'nor at Duxford 
On Monday I took a ride out on the Pashley Guv’nor to Ickleton Cemetery Chapel to have lunch and, as I have done in the past, read in the shade of a tree some of Tolstoy’s Gospel in Brief. The passage that particularly struck me on this occasion (as it has before) was the following taken from Chapter Eight. I place it before you with out comment along with some photos taken on the ride.

“Faith does not consist of believing in something amazing, faith consists of understanding your own condition and understanding where you can turn for salvation. If you understand your own condition, then you won't wait for any rewards. You will believe in what has already been entrusted to you.”

All photos taken with an iPhone 6+ and the Blackie App. Just click on a photo to enlarge it. (On the Blackie App home page you'll see in the middle, at the top, a picture of a rose. I'm pleased to say that's a picture of mine of a rose taken in the Memorial Unitarian Church garden in Cambridge.)

Construction work at Addenbrooks at the start of the ride
Swifts whirling and singing at St Mary & St John, Hinxton
Ickleton Cemetery  Chapel
Ickleton Cemetery
Ickleton Cemetery
Ickleton Cemetery 
Ickleton Cemetery and the bench where I ate my lunch
St Mary Magdalene, Ickleton 
The Guv'nor on the way to Grange and Chrishall
Heading to Grange and Chrishall
Heading to Grange and Chrishall
Fowlmere United Reformed Church
Thriplow Smithy
Fingerpost in Thriplow on the way back to Cambridge
St George's, Thriplow
Mausoleum of Sir Charles Walston in the churchyard in Newton