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A few photos from the Cambridgeshire Fens near the Wilbrahams

Scattering beautiful, jubilant grains of sand on the slippery slope and in the cogs of the (normalization) machine

The heat of the sun and the cooling philosophy of Nietzsche and Epicurus

The freedom to be tomorrow what we are not today: “The newer testament—the Gospel according to this moment”—Becoming “Free Spirits” and “Archeologists of Morning”

The Cambridge Unitarian Church Memorial Garden—one of four town gardens

“We say God and the imagination are one... How high that highest candle lights the dark”—a religion without God and an ecology without Nature?

When you realize that everything is interconnected, you can't hold on to a concept of a single, solid, present-at-hand thing “over there” called Nature—a few photos of a very hot Botanic Garden and a few words by Timothy Morton

What's the minister up to?