A few photos from the Dark Mountain Project event with Dougald Hine and Billie Bottle in the Cambridge Unitarian Church last night

Dougald and Billie
Yesterday evening I was very pleased to welcome to the Memorial (Unitarian) Church Dougald Hine of the Dark Mountain Project and his old friend and collaborator, the pianist, guitarist and singer Billie Bottle to present us with an evening of music and words called "The Kind of Hope Worth Having" (which you can read about at this link).  

I was pleased and honoured to be able to contribute in small way to the evening by playing double-bass for most of Billie's set. Since we both share a love for the Canterbury music scene the two of us very much hit it off and, in addition to playing a few of Billie's own excellent compositions from the Henry David Thoreau inspired album Unrecorded Beam (read a review of that HERE) it was a rare treat to get to play an old tune by Caravan, Disassociation from the end of their side-long suite on In the Land of Grey and Pink.  

I hope that following this event there might be the chance we can get a small Dark Mountain group together here in Cambridge. If you are interested go to the church web page (HERE) and use the email address there to be in touch.

I didn't get too many opportunities to take a lot of photos but here are just a few, including two taken by my wife, Susanna, from the organ loft. Just click on a photo to enlarge it.    
Billie sound-checking

Billie sound-checking

Billie sound-checking and Dougald dealing with the inevitable admin

Dougald giving his talk

Dougald giving his talk

Billie playing and singing with me on double-bass


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