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"I leave behind the only thing that seems certain within myself . . ."—A few thoughts from Gustav Landauer and some photos of Ditton Meadows, Fen Ditton churchyard and Biggin Abbey

This week, thanks to a fine and intriguing essay written by Franziska Hoppen from the University of Kent called “A Reflection on Mystical Anarchism in the works of Gustav Landauer and Eric Voegelin” (available freely at this link:, I've been taking the time to re-explore and re-think some aspects of the thought of Gustav Landauer (1870-1919) whose work I first properly delved into during my sabbatical in 2016 whilst staying on Unst in the Shetland Isles.

The following section of Hoppen’s essay — in which she extensively quotes from Landauer’s “Through Separation to Community”, in Revolution and Other Writings: A Political Reader, ed. Gabriel Kuhn (Oakland: PM Press, 2010, 97) and “Skepsis und Mystik, Versuche im Anschluss an Mauthner’s Sprachkritik” (p. 6, Hoppen’s translation) — was very much in my mind today as I cycled and walked over to Fen Ditton, on to Biggin Abbey and then back via Low Fen Drove Way. For me the act of taking photographs — som…

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