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The freedom to be tomorrow what we are not today: “The newer testament—the Gospel according to this moment”—Becoming “Free Spirits” and “Archeologists of Morning”

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The Lestrygonians, Cyclopes and angry Poseidon are real and prowling once again through our world — a critical re-reading of Cavafy’s “Ithaca” on the twentieth anniversary of my ministry with the Cambridge Unitarians

A set of sepia photos taken in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden

There is no going back, and no going outside of this event — we can only go forward into the new world that is always-already intra-actively emerging before us

The Left, the Party and the Class—An essay on the future of the Labour left by Paul Mason

Sick of Surkov meddling in our politicians' brains . . . a disturbing thought following the publication of the "Russia Report"

The MARCH of LOOT by Peter Jukes

Greetings from Emmanuel Road, July 18th 2020

Some things seen on an evening walk across Christ’s Pieces, Jesus Green & Midsummer Common Cambridge

Three sepia-toned views of the small backyard of the Cambridge Unitarian Manse

A few photos taken on an afternoon walk from Cambridge to Fen Ditton across Stourbridge Common & Ditton Meadows