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The freedom to be tomorrow what we are not today: “The newer testament—the Gospel according to this moment”—Becoming “Free Spirits” and “Archeologists of Morning”

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The great mutual blindness darkened that sunlight in the park—A Remembrance Sunday memorial address for all those killed in war, including those who were, or still are, our enemies

Jesus' proclamation about the need to show love, not indulgence—Dad’s Army, Knud Ejler Løgstrup and the ethical demand

In this cockeyed world there are shapes and designs, if only we have some curiosity, training, and compassion and take care not to lie or to be sentimental—Some reflections following the discovery of the 39 men and women found dead inside a refrigerated lorry on an industrial estate in Essex

A non-prophet organisation?

What porcupines can tell us about loving our neighbour who is also our enemy