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Kiitsu Kyōkai — Thursday Zoom Meetings for Seiza Meditation (Quiet Sitting) and Conversation

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To remind people of the creative, compassionate and cooperative, world-enhancing consequences of true, self-love.

Wednesday Photo: Poppy in a Newnham garden

Five Prayers of Ittōen, four versions, including a new one translated by Andrew James Brown and Miki Nakura

Wednesday Photo: On Grantchester Meadows

“My Principles of Living” by Imaoka Shin’ichirō &
 “Kōmyō Kigan [Prayer for Light] (Provisional)” by Tenko-san — translated by 
Andrew James Brown 
Miki Nakura

The failure of Neoliberalism and how to solve it | George Monbiot interview

The Invisible Doctrine: The Secret History of Neoliberalism (& How It Came to Control Your Life) by George Monbiot & Peter Hutchinson

Wednesday Photo: Buttercups on Stourbridge Common, Cambridge

Heads up — A rogues-gallery (with a touch of Lovecraftian horror) on the outside of St Mary the Virgin, Fen Ditton

To make a leap “from a world of doubting each other to a world of trusting each other”