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Re-story-ation — A religious naturalist meditation on voices from things growing in a churchyard

Juxtaposed—outside and inside, black & white & colour

Some obscure, discreet but related thoughts about rain, fever, Decay Music, Michael Nyman, Brian Eno, Bifo Berardi, summer, sun, wisdom and ageing—oh, and just a few photos of Fleam Dyke and Fulbourn Fen to boot

Trail-following or trail-making?

Lessons from Van Helmont's Tree for freethinking, rational mystics

The World Needs a Secular Community Revolution—An article by Michael Price

My old Raleigh Superbe deep in the Cambridgeshire Fenland near Wicken

Chloë and Ben’s Wedding Blessing by the small Lac de Fredyières in the French Alps near Grenoble