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A cold and frosty day in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden—A set of photos where David Hockney meets Brian Cook meets Polina Sarri

Five ways of looking at a tree — a sort of visualisation of Sunday's address on the hope that a new world, a new creation can, suddenly, (if we respond to the flux of the world with care, judgment and sensitivity) whoosh up before us

Practising our surfing skills for Advent & Christmas — An Advent meditation on the thought that something new may always be about to appear in our world

Dudley — The Chris Ingham Quartet

What are feasts for?—A very brief Epicurean meditation for our church's Wednesday lunch club

A juxtaposition: “Time Team”; Nando’s “Peri Peri Sauce”; contracts of employment

November — A photo and a piece of music by Dennis Johnson

Come down, come down from your mountain, Jehovah: A Remembrance Sunday Meditation

Some words of Max Picard relevant to our own times . . .

A minimalist still-life

Infinite diversity and meaning and beauty

Trump’s Triumph: DiEM25 on how progressives must react

A late autumn afternoon in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden