Some words of Max Picard relevant to our own times . . .

Max Picard (1888-1965)
It has been shown that disjointedness was not alone a private matter, hidden in the individual, but that also a whole public world of disjointedness was extant outside the individual. The disjointedness which the individual had overlooked as long as it was hiding in himself, now confronted him built up into a gigantic phenomenon which stood there solidly…Even then [they] failed to see the danger of this phenomenon; they did not separate themselves from it; they did not destroy it; on the contrary, they identified themselves with it, and they lived with it as if they belonged together, as if disjointedness were natural to man.

Max Picard  
Hitler in Ourselves

Thanks for this to Kelly Dean Jolley who passed it on to Ed Mooney and who then posted it on his own blog Mists on the Rivers