Free Religion

Given that my Profile and ABOUT page says one of my major religious sympathies is towards the kind of Free Religion (自由宗教 — jiju shukyo) encouraged by the quite remarkable and influential figure in the development of progressive and liberal religion in Japan, Shin’ichirō Imaoka (1881-1988), it seems important to direct readers of this blog to a couple of texts that will help them get a sense of what that kind of Free Religion means.
Firstly, in 2019, George M. Williams, the retired professor of Asian religions from California State University, Chico, published an important book about Imaoka sensei that has made both his extraordinary life story and some of his essays available to those of us in the English-speaking world. Although you can purchase a hardcopy from your preferred book seller Williams has also very generously made his book freely available via his page or at the link below:

Secondly, with George’s blessing and kind encourgement and help, I’ve put together a short book of, not only of the essays by Imaoka sensei that appear in “Cosmic Sage” but also a number of others that George has collected over the years. This, too, is now freely available at the following link:

Imaoka sensei in his study at 102 years old, after his morning meditation (seiza), corresponding with international friends.



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