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A cold, grey but still beautiful spring day in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden

“I think we need grit, responsibility and determination instead of hope.” An excellent, insightful interview with Wendy Brown by Jo Littler on the way neoliberalism is changing and what we need to be doing about it . . .

Some thoughts about “The Great Humbling” and “The Anthropocene”

A Transport of Delights at Shepreth and Barrington

Grantchester Meadows in the spring sunshine and a Spinozistic thought

A few spring colour photos taken on the way back from a pastoral visit to Oakington

Some thoughts on the dangers posed by Identarianism and the Vampires' Castle—And address before the church's AGM

A spring walk across Magog Down, to Stapleford Parish Pit, the River Granta and back to the Roman Road at Wandlebury