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Then doth the spring her glorious days disclose—Lucy Hutchinson, Lucretius, and some spring photos

Easter Sunday: Living in between the doubtful pleasures of a mysterious supernatural heaven and the tedium of contemplating the hard, material reality of the grave

"We feel awe for life, even in the knowledge of its contradictions and hardships"—some spring photos and a note about tonight's Good Friday service at the Cambridge Unitarian Church

The hawthorn whitens

. . . when the rising Spring adorns the Mead, a new Scene of Nature stands display’d, When teeming Budds, and chearful greens appear—a few photos of Cambridge on the first day of spring

Supreme fictions and reality's rules —Ten Commandments to Avoid Extinction: Grace Limits for the 21st Century (Conditions for Existence). Thus sayeth the Lord…

Sea of Faith Conference 2016 and a thought or two about Arthur Hugh Clough's poem "Say the struggle naught availeth"

"An Unorthodox Lecture" and "Spiritual Values in a Scientific Age" by Paul Wienpahl