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Pinot Noir flavoured ice-cream - a "Sideways" look at our Unitarian, liberal Christian tradition before our AGM

Riprap Quartet playing at the Unitarian Church, Emmanuel Road, Cambridge - Thursday May 2nd @ 8pm and The Spice of Life, Soho, London - Thursday May 9th

Religion after the death of God — a lunchtime talk and discussion at Hills Road Sixth Form College

The story of a man who nearly became a lumberjack - the necessary fictions by which we live

In memoriam Kevin Cribb (1928–2013) - A newly built glider's wing and the graceful, sweeping fresh-cut tail of a letter Y

The Edict of Torda, Francis David, Arne Naess and a distinctive way to do liberal religion (far more than just a history lesson . . .)

Walking with Henry David Thoreau in mind and a "prayer" of Heidegger's in my heart

The blossoming forth of the World Bud