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“Of course there is no God. But we must believe in Him”—Eric Voegelin (1901-1985)

What Lord Bullock taught me about drawing a line when encountering fascism and neo-Nazism and a link to a thread by David Roberts

An address for the end of Refugee Week 2018—“When the law of the strong, and of natural selection, took the place of the word of love, it became apparent that giving up the Bible is not always enlightened: Nero’s torches can burn all the brighter for it.”—Ernst Bloch (1885-1977)

Cambridge is not only about medieval colleges and May Balls—The Midsummer Fair

Pastoral visiting along pastoral lanes—a few photos—and then a more salutary thought

“What comes after Christianity?” A God who gently but firmly pushes you away from himself in the direction of each other

“The eternal enters and leaves Appearing, just as the sun—which shines eternal — enters and leaves the vault of the sky”: A neo-Parmenidean thought and some photos of Mill Road Cemetery