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The human solidarity brought by the grace of being cold together—A meditation for New Year’s Day 2023

What the doubtful centipede can teach a liberal, free religion

Wednesday Photo: “Boy holding a fishing rod with a blue face mask attached” and a Harwich boy with his fishing rod, fag and blue box

“The Eternal Buddha is no one else but the Eternal Christ.” Imaoka sensei’s “Three Christs”—A Christmas Day meditation

Wednesday Photo: Lovingly tending Newton’s apple tree in front of Trinty College, Cambridge

A hidden, Hidden Christian, Christmas—An Advent meditation

Christianity is basically an epic mistake . . . and the time is right to correct it

Winter scenes on The Backs, Cambridge

Jesus Green and Midsummer Common, Cambridge in the snow

A few wintry (and snowy) shots of Christ’s Pieces (at night), Cambridge