Jesus Green and Midsummer Common, Cambridge in the snow

This morning Susanna (my wife) and I took a stroll around Jesus Green and Midsummer Common in the snow. Along the way I took a few photographs and paste them here for your pleasure. The first thirteen were taken on Jesus Green; the last four on Midsummer Common. Enjoy!

All taken with a Fuji X100V and are straight out of camera. 

For the colour photos I used Øyvind Nordhagen’s “OWH Daylight” recipe and, for the black and white shot, Marcel Fraijs’s “Acros Dark” recipe.

Just click on a photo to enlarge it.



Unknown said…
Thank you! What a lovely collection, especially the children with the snowman after rolling around a circle. A very special place to wander!
Thank you for your thanks. Much appreciated! Sorry it wasn't published sooner -- my comments alert function doesn't seem to be working at the moment. My apologies.

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