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A few photos from the south side of Baltasound, Unst, Shetland.

A few photos of a walk round the base of Houllna Gruna to visit the bay called Wood Wick

A Tolstyan moment of much needed peace on Unst, Shetland—“De staar o’peace is risin, may shu never set ageen”

As a British Unitarian minister, in this post-Brexit hell I want loudly, and proudly, to proclaim my Polish roots . . .

DiEM25's first statement on Brexit—passed on here without comment

A self-critical and disturbing thought to consider following the assassination of Jo Cox, MP

"An Open Letter Regarding the EU Referendum" by Bob Biderman

DiEM25 in Cambridge—an update—"The Radicality of Love"

A thought about post-truth political language and the language of theology

A little bit of heaven in the backyard—a set of black and white photos