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Dead deer in a fallen tree . . . meaning what?

A walk across Magog Down, to the River Granta and back via Wandlebury — a set of photos and a few words about Knud Ejler Løgstrup (1905-1981)

Pentecost —The democratic state as a descendent of the Free Church of the Spirit

Rain, sun and blossom — Cambridge University Botanic Garden

“Tribunus plebis from first to last” — an Ascension Sunday meditation on the democratisation of Heaven

Benny Rides Again! A Tribute to the King of Swing @ Headhunters Jazz Club, Bury St Edmunds, 15 May 2015, 8pm

". . . the balance in which I weighed ideas I was studying was always that established in the experience of walking in the place" — A walk in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden