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A Ritual to Read to Each Other: being some thoughts about apples and elephants and remaining a distinctive Unitarian and Free Christian place of worship.

Having Listened — On prayer and fenceposts — a response to what lays claim to us

I'm playing with SARA MITRA on Friday, 19 June @ Jazz at the Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds

An Archeologist of Morning — some thoughts on Charles Olson, Thoreau and Jesus and the question of who Unitarians are and what they do

White Fen & White Fen Droveway — A few photos

. . . and everything is dissolved into the call to justice and charity to one’s neighbour.

Lenka and an iPhone 6 — "Like having a Leica M4 loaded with Tri-X"

A Wedding Address for Polly Ingham and Andy Watts — Mrs and Mr Ingham-Watts