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Le Pas au–delà (the step/not beyond) — a Palm Sunday meditation

" . . . neither a form, nor some thing, but a rhythm, a certain way of vibrating, a resonance." Thinking about Lucretius, Elliott Carter and Franco "Bifo" Berardi on a early spring walk by the River Cam to Fen Ditton

Just like Jericho, "let these walls come tumbling down" — After the Future, a Post-Futurist Manifesto — some thoughts following the Jeremy Clarkson fracas

I wish to speak a word for nature . . .

A jazz blast from a jazz past — The Flanagan Ingham Quartet, 8pm Friday March 20th, Bury St Edmunds

Mothering Sunday: Revolutionary Ballads, Poetry and Finance

Not Ideas About the Thing But the Thing Itself — An early-spring meditation

Consider once more the fowls of the air: On letting Christian language go in the spirit of Jesus (Part 2)