A jazz blast from a jazz past — The Flanagan Ingham Quartet, 8pm Friday March 20th, Bury St Edmunds

In a reunion rarer than a sighting of Pink Floyd, the Flanagan Ingham Quartet (a band I was in during the 90s) re-convenes a few hundred yards from its birthplace for a one-off 2015 Spring Reawakening.

First heard in the mythical Blue Note Jazz Restaurant, a venue that operated in the St Edmunds Fayre arcade 1991-92 in Bury St Edmunds. (That unit that is now Iceland.)

Their two albums Zanzibar (1995) and Textile Lunch (1999) were deliriously reviewed and the band enjoyed a flurry of jazz almost-fame before imploding under the weight of expectation in 2001.

To pay for a pre-booking (+ £1 booking fee), visit www.headhunterslive.org and follow the links.

And to conclude, below, looking much younger than we do today, is a video of us on Look East in 1996 and, below that, is another link to a live performance on ITV's "Front Row".


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