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Message of Hope for the coming year to the citizens of Cambridge from the minister of the Cambridge Unitarian Church

Midwinter on Midsummer Common—A few photos from a morning walk across the common

Christmas Day 2016: A [subversive] Charlie Brown Christmas—a (gentle) ethics of commitment and politics of resistance

On Christmas Day I'll be giving an address called "A [subversive] Charlie Brown Christmas—an ethics of commitment and politics of resistance "

What was, must be tested

A few Cambridge late afternoon and evening winter photos

Of winter fairs, botanic gardens and town centres—A miscellany of winter Hipstamatic photos

Why Liberal?

The walk to Grantchester but shown in a different light and mood

Thinking "consolidated in the act of taking steps, each step a meditation steeped in reality"—some photos of a walk across Grantchester Meadows