Of winter fairs, botanic gardens and town centres—A miscellany of winter Hipstamatic photos

It was a grey, drizzly and overcast day today, the sort of day where one is sorely tempted to stay in bed reading a good book accompanied by toast and marmite and plenty of hot tea. I should add here that for a clergyman a Monday morning is what is a Saturday for most other people, so I'm not advocating here taking a slovenly "sickie"! This is very much weekend time for me. But, despite the temptation, Susanna and I decided it would, for all kinds of reasons, be best to wend our way over to the Cambridge University Botanic Garden to enjoy its subtle winter beauty and also to enjoy a bowl of warming soup from the café. On the way we passed by the colourful winter fair on Parker's Piece and then came back via the town centre and Christ's Pieces, taking in a view of the Memorial (Unitarian) Church where I'm minister.

Along the way a few photos were taken, all with my iPhone 6+ and the Hipstamatic app. Enjoy the winter sights . . . Just click on a photo to enlarge it.