White Fen & White Fen Droveway — A few photos

Cambridge taken with Contrast
Yesterday I intended to cycle on my Dursley-Pedersen (photo at end of post) over to Reach and walk along the Devil's Dyke as I haven't done that for a couple of years. However, by the time I got there it was pouring with rain — something that seemed, alas, likely as I set off from Cambridge (see photo to the right).

Wandering along the top of a very exposed dyke in the rain did not particularly appeal to me so I decided to carry on cycling over to Upware and then to turn homeward via the Lodes Way. By the time I got to White Fen the rain had stopped and the sun was making valiant efforts to come out and so I was able to spend a lovely, restful, warm and bird-song accompanied hour by Swaffham Bulbeck Lode eating my sandwiches and taking a few photos with the Ricoh GR.