Lenka and an iPhone 6 — "Like having a Leica M4 loaded with Tri-X"

Recently I saw that Kevin Abosch had said having an iPhone 6 with the wonderful black and white photo app Lenka installed was like having a Leica M4 loaded with Tri-X and, in some ways, even better! I, alas, never had a Leica (I had a Voigtländer Vitomatic IIa — photo to the right) and I generally used Ilford FP4) but I know what he means as it's a real joy to have such a good camera and app always ready to hand. I've recently taken to using a Ricoh GR and have been absolutely delighted with it — for me it's the perfect modern, digital replacement for my Voigtländer but, quite regularly, I'm finding that my iPhone 6 and Lenka (read Leica M4 with Tri-X) is the perfect camera to use. (As a comment below by Steve Caldwell reminds me — thanks Steve — Lenka is available for Android phones too).

This morning I was walking back along the River Cam after visiting a member of the congregation when I saw a great shot of a man sunbathing by the river taking advantage of the surprisingly hot morning sunshine. I only had my phone on me but one "loaded" with Lenka — so out it came. Once I'd taken that picture I found I was in a photographing mood and kept taking the occasional shot as I made my way home; I include a few of them here. But, before we get to the man sunbathing I add four shots I took earlier in the week also using Lenka.


Steve Caldwell said…
The Android version also takes good B&W photos (installed on my 2013 Moto X).
Thanks for that important reminder Steve. Best wises, Andrew.