Wednesday Photo: “Boy holding a fishing rod with a blue face mask attached” and a Harwich boy with his fishing rod, fag and blue box

Taken with a Fuji X-T2 
Just click on the photo to enlarge it. 

At the end of another year disprupted by COVID-19 and, alas, possibly at the beginning of another year of disruption thanks to what is unfolding in China at the moment, it seems appropriate to post this image as the last Wednesday Photo of 2022. I took it in August 2022 whilst visiting my parents’ (who live very near to Harwich) as we walked from Dovercourt into Harwich Old Town for a spot of lunch. The mural appeared in August 2021 and I believe the jury is still out as to whether this is a genuine Banksy or not. I’m not competent to judge but, in all cases, the painted boy and the real boy together made it a scene that demanded a photo.