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Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits and the “War Ditches” Iron-Age Hill Fort on the first day of spring

Today saw the arrival of the Vernal Equinox and, given that today was one of my two days off, I thought I'd celebrate the first day of spring by taking a short cycle ride out to the Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits and the “War Ditches” Iron-Age Hill Fort. It's a remarkably vertiginous landscape for we fen-dwellers and one full of geological, botanical, ornithological, paleontological and historical interest as an exploration of the previous links will reveal. It seemed appropriate to be here on the site of an Iron-Age settlement on a day that would have been so important to its first inhabitants.

As usual I took some photos along the way; all taken with a Fuji X100F. Just click on a photo to enlarge it. 

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