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“let me be FRANK” — A rainy afternoon Christian Atheist meditiation

A couple of years after I moved to Cambridge to become minister to the congregation of the Memorial (Unitarian) Church a friend and colleague of mine arranged a meeting over afternoon tea between me and Ranald Macaulay, a key figure in the international, evangelical Christian L’Abri Fellowship. Ostensibly the reason for arranging this meeting was to talk about putting on some kind of public conversation about the differences between the Unitarian and Free Christian approach to Christianity (my own religious affiliation) and that practised by the L’Abri Fellowship and the Round Church where Macaulay was then based. I say “ostensibly” because with hindsight I can see this proposed event was never going to be a “runner” . . . here’s why.

In a piece called “Edith Schaeffer | A Very Special Heritage” written by Macaulay he tells readers about his first meeting in Cambridge during 1958 with the founders of the L’Abri Fellowship, Francis and Edith Schaeffer. He recalls the moment when the i…

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