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The freedom to be tomorrow what we are not today: “The newer testament—the Gospel according to this moment”—Becoming “Free Spirits” and “Archeologists of Morning”

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“It is no longer I who pursue philosophy, but rather repentance that thinks through me”—A meditation on an insight of Tanabe Hajime’s

Epiphany — Walking with the three Magians between doubtful maximal belief and total secular humanism

A few photos from New Year's Day on Christ's Pieces, Jesus Green and Midsummer Common, Cambridge

Ten black and white photographs around Cambridge at the tail end of the decade

Our gift of Life in context see, a pearl of Grace in Eternity—An address in preparation for the New Year 2020

Christmas Day Address 2019 — The Source that Beckoned

Mary ponders and a muddy pond clears—that for which, in Advent, we await (a post-election Advent address)