A walk in the rain over to Grantchester and beyond

This week the address at the Memorial (Unitarian) Church was given by our Student Ministry Worker, Susanna Hartland, on the subject of “The fellow sufferer who understands—radical theology & mental health.” It was an excellent address which drew some much needed attention to the issue of mental health and it's possible creative and healing relationship with radical theology.

Anyway, this meant that I did not have to pen an address myself and, as my last post indicated, I could instead spend some valuable time looking after, and playing with, Harrison (my wife's six year old grandson) and also (in the occasional moments of calm!) to think further about the philosophy of Parmenides and Emanuele Severino.

In short, there's no text to post today. But, last week, I went for a much needed walk in the rain over to Grantchester and beyond. As usual, along the way, I took some photos some which, for your pleasure (and mine), I post below. All were taken with an IPhone 6+ and the Hipstamatic app.