A cold and frosty day in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden—A set of photos where David Hockney meets Brian Cook meets Polina Sarri

This morning proved to be lovely, sunny cold and crisp, one that irresistibly called me out of the house to take a walk to the Cambridge University Botanic Garden via Parker's Piece. It was a perfect day for taking photos and, on this occasion, I found myself inspired to take some shots that suited a lovely combination of “film” and “lenses” created by Polina Sarri for the Hipstamatic app that she describes as “reminiscent of David Hockney.” I think she’s right in this but her combo also reminds me powerfully of Brian Cook’s illustrations which were often used by the British publisher Batsford Press for their dust jackets. My childhood and teenage imagination was indelibly shaped by many of their books, dozens of which still grace my bookshelves.  Consequently, I had much fun today in taking the following pictures and I post them here for your pleasure. They appear in chronological order. As always, just click on a photo to enlarge it. Enjoy!