The Cambridge Unitarian Church Memorial Garden—one of four town gardens

Susanna, my wife, a keen gardener, is on the committee of the Christ's Pieces Resident's Association (CPRA) and one of their public events this year was last weekend's excellent open day with four participating local town gardens of which our church Memorial Garden was one. So, on Saturday, three church members, Suzanne, Sue, Jennifer helped Susanna turn our church building into a small café where we served teas and cakes (including the one shown below which was raffled) and also sold the tickets. A splendid time was had by all and we also raised £280 for Jimmy's Nightshelter.

My thanks go to all the committee of the CPRA and, of course, all the Cambridge Unitarian Church members who helped make the day the success it was.

In this post are just a few photos of the church garden and the church café taken on the day but the last two come from a day or so earlier.

Sabrina, another church member who had a major hand in the creation of the garden back in 2002/3, came to the garden wanting to do a little sketching and painting in the shade. I was working on my Sunday address and as looked up out of my study I could see her busily and contentedly working away. It was a lovely scene and I couldn't resist taking a photo of her at work and, below the photo of her you can see her little sketch which she gave to us later on.

All taken with a Fuji X100F
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