Some photos of an early autumn walk to Grantchester in the company of Lucretius

This morning I awoke to a pearl of an autumn day and so I set off to walk along the river Cam and across the meadows to Grantchester to enjoy a pint at the Green Man and then sit by the river to read and contemplate again the proem of Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura in the light of Thomas Nail’s remarkable new interpretation of the poem. It has to be said that when you’re sitting reading Lucretius in the sun on the bank of a flowing river, with the wind in the willows, the reeds and one’s hair it’s impossible not to make “a return to the most maligned idea of Western philosophy: movement” (Thomas Nail,  “Lucretius 1: An Ontology of Motion”, Edinburgh University Press, 2018, p.22).

A beautiful day in every way imaginable. As usual I took some photos along the way, including a few of the interior of Grantchester’s church and the lovely brick wall in the graveyard.

All photos taken with a Fuji X100F.
Just click on a photo to enlarge it.


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