A New Recording of the Service of Mindful Meditation

Greetings to you all.

This week, in place of the usual address/podcast, as a supplement to last week’s offering, I have posted a new representative recording of our Sunday Morning Service of Mindful Meditation, the service which, until the beginning of lockdown in March was our regular evening service.

You can listen to and or/download it by clicking on the following link:

To get the most from the meditation, you will find it helpful to either print out the order of service, or display it in a second window. Here is the link: 

Order of Service for the Mindful Meditation

You might also wish to have a small candle or tea-light to hand to light at a certain point during the meditation.

I fully appreciate that Sunday mornings are not good for some of you so I hope this properly recorded version might prove both of interest and even some use to you as we try to find good, positive and creative ways through this difficult time. 

As in all previous weeks, please remember that if you would like to speak with me during the week please be in touch by replying to this email and we can arrange a suitable time to talk properly either by telephone or Zoom.   

And, lastly, if on reading this you decide you would like to join us on Sunday morning for the service of mindful meditation and time of conversation following and do not have the necessary Zoom link then please contact our Church Secretary, Brendan Boyle, via the contact page of our website. Just look through the dropdown tabs to find Secretary:

Please log in between 9.45 and 10am. The meditation starts at 10am sharp, and finishes about 10.50. There will then be a short break to allow you to stretch your legs, compose your thoughts, or put the kettle on. The ‘Time for Conversation’ will start about 11am, and if you aren’t taking part in the meditation, feel free to sign in during the break for the conversation. 

With love and best wishes as always,



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