The Service of Mindful Meditation, Music & Conversation

I post below a link to a representative recording of the Sunday Morning Service of Mindful used by the Cambridge Unitarian Church which, until the beginning of lockdown in March 2020 was the regular evening service of the church where I am the minister. During the lockdown this became our regular, main, Sunday service.

You can listen to and or/download it by clicking on the following link:

To get the most from the meditation, you will find it helpful to either print out the order of service or display it in a second window. Here is the link: 

Should you wish to have a copy of the text of the Mindful Meditation itself, you can find that at the following link:

However, when we were able to return to face-to-face meetings in September 2021 we altered this service slightly, and we now use the following order of service:

If you would like to join us on Zoom for this weekly Sunday Morning Service of Mindful Meditation, Music & Conversation between 10.30am -11.40am then please use the following link, join from 10.15am onwards.
Meeting ID: 865 8494 7084
Password: 729425 
During lockdown, I also recorded a homespun video introduction to the service, which you can watch at the following link:


Unknown said…
I miss those meetings! Hopefully see you in September.
All the best, Gillian