Another spin out into the fens

As Britain enters a proper cold spell, today turned out to be a perfect winter day for a ride - sunny, dry, fairly still and refreshingly cold. So I thought I'd take the Guv'nor out on the 31 mile route I took last week - out to QuyBottisham, the Swaffham Bulbeck and Burwell and then back into Cambridge along the Lodes Way. Lovely. The photos below are of Burwell Lode and Fen which is one of the lowest parts of the Cambridgeshire fens - in places nearly two metres below sea level.

Looking east along Burwell Lode
Looking west along Burwell Lode

Looking up to the top of Burwell Lode from the cycle path on Burwell Fen

With the Guv'nor by Burwell Lode


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