The Old Year - final mix

l. to r. - Dave, Kev, Andy, Russ
As a few of you know one of the bands I'm in, Riprap, is due to have a new CD out very shortly, so here's a taster of a finished track. Click on the link below to hear it at Soundcloud:

Old year-final mix 

Kev (the composer and saxophonist) says:

Final mix of the Old Year for the upcoming Cd, recorded in Cambridge, January '12. This started life as a spacious, dark minimalist setting for a Seamus Heaney reading; a sort of dark children's song, but Andy suddenly came up with a bass line at the end of the session....

this piece is dedicated to an old friend, bandmate and housemate, Ray Brunelle.

Kevin Flanagan (soprano sax)
Dave Gordon (piano)
Russ Morgan (drums)
Yours truly (bass)


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