Autumn spin on the Viking Ian Steel out to Wicken Fen

If you've come here wanting to read last Sunday's sermon (A theology of the event - 14 October) please click here - but you might enjoy coming back to look at these photos later . . .

A beautiful day coincided with some time off and so I dusted off my old Viking Ian Steel (from 1956) and took a quick thirty-four mile spin out to Wicken Fen via Reach and then back along the Lodes Way. In the sun outside the cafe at Wicken I ate my cheese sandwich and apple accompanied by a splendid bottle of Atom Splitter beer. A perfect way to spend some of the day. Below are a few photos from the ride. Below these are a couple of photos taken last week in the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens.

Adventurers' Fen 

Adventurers' Fen

Windump at Wicken Fen

Bridge over Burwell Lode

Out in the Fens with the Viking Ian Steel 

Lifting potatoes on Burwell Fen
I had a word with the guys bringing in the potatoes and they said the quantity of the crop was down on last year. The ones in the trailer looked, however, lovely.

Crates near Lord's Ground

Near Lord's Farm

A heron near Lode
Outside the cafe at the Sainsbury Laboratory in the Botanic Gardens

The Sainsbury Laboratory in the Botanic Gardens


kbop said…
excellent - you should come out this way for the foliage