A winter ride to Fleam Dyke on the Dursley Pedersen

I took a spin out of Cambridge today to Fleam Dyke on the Dursley Pedersen. Fleam Dyke is an Anglo-Saxon defensive earthwork although it seems to have been built on much earlier foundations. Even though when one is standing on the Bronze-Age barrow Mutlow Hill you can hear the very modern traffic on the A14 somehow one is transported back to an earlier time.

Here for your enjoyment are just a few photos from the ride.

Fleam Dyke looking south-east
Fleam Dyke looking south-east across the old railway cutting
Mutlow Hill
View from Mutlow Hill
The Dursley Pedersen at Mutlow Hill
Fleam Dyke looking north-west from Mutlow Hill
Wadlow Wind Farm from Fleam Dyke
Dead Tree on Fleam Dyke
Rose hips on Fleam Dyke
Bridge on Fulbourn Fen 
Slip road off the A14 from Fleam Dyke