Spring in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Sometimes it goes that way, suddenly a couple of free hours wonderfully show up in the day. Well, today it happened to Susanna and me. Ministerial and familial duties done we took ourselves off to the Cambridge University Botanic Garden to enjoy each other's company, the sun and the spring blossom. Tomorrow's address has an Epicurean related theme and, as many of you will know Epicurus taught in his famous garden so it seemed highly appropriate to make our way to the Botanic Garden. The address itself really centres on the need for us to resist the obsession with ceaselessness activity and endless growth so a little downtime was for me the perfect way to put my own "amen" to this piece of writing.

And now, for your delectation — and as an encouragement to you all to relax and enjoy the beauty of spring and life itself — here are a few photos I took as we wandered slowly round the garden. They were made using Hipstamatic's Tintype app.
My portrait of Susanna
Susanna's portrait of me