Klaas Hendrikse — ‘de atheïstische dominee’ — the atheist pastor.

For many reasons (not least of all that found at this link) I'm revisiting something of the Dutch Protestant minister, Klaas Hendrikse's thinking and work. In the Netherlands he is known as ‘de atheïstische dominee’ — the atheist pastor.

Whether I like it or not I'm acutely aware that I'm unlikely ever to be able to escape my own history as someone called to Christian ministry within the European liberal Protestant tradition. In consequence, for me, Hendrikse is an important exemplary figure who can provide a model of how one might be able survive in Christian ministry without a belief in the existence of a being called God. For Hendrikse God is something that happens — this was something I was trying to gesture towards in my address last week about "God as event".

Anyway, for those interested in such things, here are a few short videos. Firstly, here is a short interview he gave for the BBC:

Below you will find two videos, parts one and two of an interview with him at the l’Eglise protestante de Genève back in 2011. In this interview Hendrikse gives all his answers in English. Below them is an interview in Dutch but with English subtitles.