“Icy wind of night, be gone, this is not your domain”—A winter walk on Grantchester Meadows

A winter walk on Grantchester Meadows

Photos taken with a Fuji X100F
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Unknown said…
Wow! Its been decades since ive listened to that song. Thank for the trip down memory lane. That opening line sounds like a conjuring. Since Waters had it in quotation marks, can anyone tell me who said it first?
Dear Unknown,

Glad to have initiated what sounds like a good trip! Yes, you're right about the line sounding like a conjuring but I had not, until your suggestion, framed it in that fashion. To my knowledge (which is not great, at least in terms of knowledge about things related to Pink Floyd) the line is original to Walters. If you find out otherwise I'd be delighted to know.

All the best,