The Six Values of "The Alternative UK"

Within my own local community, the Cambridge Unitarian Church, I'm trying to encourage a conversation about how, in the current and post-pandemic environment, we might better work with civic organisations who clearly share so many of our own values. My preferred candidate is The Alternative UK which has its roots in Denmark. As a long admirer of many things Danish this project naturally caught my attention when it was launched a few years ago. So, as an introduction to them, here are their current six, guiding values. If you like what you read then do please follow the links. I really do think it's a project worthy of becoming properly involved with.


Courage: Courage to look problems in the eye. But also courage about the future we share.

Generosity: Everything which can be shared will be shared with anyone interested.

Transparency: Everybody should be able to look over our shoulders. On good days and on bad.

Humility: To the task. To those on whose shoulders we stand. And to those who will follow us.

Humour: Without humour there can be no creativity. Without creativity there can be no good ideas. Without good ideas there can be no creative power. Without creative power there can be no results.

Empathy: Putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Looking at the world from that point of view. And creating win-win solutions for everyone.

* * *

The values are not just there to be brought out on special occasions. The six core values must be constant indicators that are visible in our daily political work – in the way we think, speak and act. From debate, to political initiatives and to the way we campaign.