Some photos from a visit to Stonea Camp Iron Age Hill Fort

All photos taken with a Fuji X-T2 using Kevin Mullins’ Padilla recipe
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Stonea Camp, Wimblington, is an Iron Age Hill Fort situated just a few miles from March. It’s not only the lowest hill fort in Britain (lying at only 6 ft 7 in. above sea-level), but it may also be the site of a significant battle in 47 CE between the Romans and the Iceni tribe because the site corresponds to that mentioned by Tacitus who tells us how the Romans troops overwhelmed the local fighters who were “imprisoned by their own defences.” If this is the case, and it’s not proven absolutely so far, then Stonea Camp would be the first place in Britain to enter into the historical record!

You can read a pdf report on the site by Tom Malim called Stonea Camp, Wimblington: An Iron Age Fort in the Fens by clicking on this link.

I’ve visited here many times in the past, sometimes by bicycle but also, as this time, by car in the company of an old college friend of mine whose family once farmed the surrounding land. It’s a quite magical place and I never tire of walking around the site accompanied, on this occasion, by the sound of many crows, sheep and spring lambs, and of a wind whistling through the wires and bosque areas of the site that was strong enough to blow away my winter cobwebs but without entirely taking away the welcome warmth of the spring sunshine. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.