Wednesday Photo: Spring buttercups and picnics on Midsummer Common

Taken with a Fuji X100V using Øyvind Nordhagen’s Kodak Ektar 100 Recipe
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Myrna said…
Wedn. May 17th. My birthday. My daughter Odette and I visited the flat which I hope to buy, then wandered onto nearby Midsummer Common. As I had hoped, we had lunch seated outside the Fort St. George by the river. Somewhere way over yonder, Andrew Brown was taking photographs, including a picnicking and chatting group. The old pub is in the background. And so we also bow to sweet synchronicity.
Greetings. Glad to hear about your enjoyable Wednesday with your daughter. But, I'm afraid there's zero synchronicity connected with this photo, either its taking or its posting. I took it on Sunday, May 14th during a postprandial walk with Susanna (my wife) and her daughter, Sara, and her son (and our grandson) Phoenix. We had a lovely wander past the fair on Midsummer Common, and then enjoyed the first outside ice-cream of the year together at the kiosk on Jesus Green by the lock. And lastly, because I wasn't paying proper attention to the scheduling facility on my blog, I then managed to published my "Wednesday Photo" on Tuesday! So it's about as asynchronous as it's possible to get!

Nevertheless, it was a photo taken on an enjoyable day spent with family. And that, I think, is a good thing howsoever and whensoever it occurs.

Glad you enjoyed the photo.