A blog about my other blog . . . go figure

On the other blog I have - which is dedicated to the series of conversations I encourage at the church at which I am minister has had an interesting series of conments that are not unrelated to stuff I post here. So, the absence of a blog here (Susanna and I are still surrounded by boxes), this surrogate blog might be of interest to readers of this one.

Ah, the new technology, what interesting things it cause us to do.

Other news just in. I've been asked to do some more teaching for the Woolf Institute with the Metropolitan Police and have also been asked to convene a group within the East of England Faiths Council to explore some of the underlying philosophical/theological questions that often get bypassed in the pressing rush to manage a great number of practical projects. This ties in with a project I have going to set up a secular institute in Cambridge which will look at the role of religion in the public space. This is a long term project - so don't hold your breath for immediate news - but I'm getting some interesting positive responses from various people in academia and government. So, we'll see . . .


cubbie said…
hey, i'm glad to have found you. i'm not sure if you would remember me at all, but i am an american who spent part of the end of 2000 coming to the cambridge unitarian church. i was about 20 at the time, going by the name of jasmine, and i asked you about a gazillion questions. since then, i've explored unitarian universalism in the u.s., but have found my home within quakerism. but i still have a deep respect for unitarianism, especially what i found at your church. (i have a blog, peculiarqueer.wordpress.com , in which i do some kvetching about my experience with uu, but it's more about how quakerism works for me and not how uu didn't.) also, i came out as a transgender guy with the name, cubbie-- not jasmine anymore. anyway, i just wanted to say hello. i've just started to read your blog, and am really thrilled to read some more. hurray!
Hi, good to hear from you. I'll spin by your blog.
Yewtree said…
Is that the turf maze at Saffron Walden in the background of that photo?

Some helpful advice on moving house that I received is to put up your favourite picture as soon as possible after moving in - then it feels more like home.
Are there not a lot of agencies that explore the role of religion in the public sphere (I'm a supporter of Ekklesia for example)? How would your approach be different?
Yes it is the turf maze. Susanna and I took pictures of each other after walking it. It's a wonderful thing. Good advice about the pictures - we're on to it.
Hello Stephen,

The key thing in the institute I'm trying to organise would be its desire to critique VERY strongly the theology and philosophy of any group that wishes to influence public policy. It seems to me that many religious views are deeply problematic and incoherent and do not contribute to the common good yet, in our present public culture the critical element is often lacking - hidden as it is behind a mistaken understanding of in what consists a genuine form of toleration and openness.