One Step Backward Taken - the theraputic value of fear

The week before I took a break to move I gave an address on a poem by Robert Frost called One Step Backward Taken. My computer died and took the file with it. Fortunately I had a hard copy and, re-reading it, it seems to me worth offering you a pdf of it. You can find it here.


Yewtree said…
Excellent. I and another Pagan were participating in a discussion on the blog of a naturalist/atheist, and we said that being connected to Nature was a good thing; but he said "but nature is a bitch" (citing earthquakes etc) and accused us of being naïve. But the Pagan view of nature is that She is beautiful AND terrible (Venus AND Mars, as you put it, though some of us might say maiden, mother & crone). But there is no intentionality behind the beauty and the terror; they just are.

But you have added to this idea very well with your image of the man standing on a cliff, and showing how fear and gratitude are connected. Thanks.
Thanks. Glad it added something to your conversations.

Warmest wishes,