Love is the Answer

It's been one of those days - a good gig last night with Rebop but it was a late, late night and so today I've been very tired as I've ground my way through dozens of emails, taught some bass and theology. About hour ago I realised that I had got a bit low (and cold). So I made a cup of tea and decided to check out the new Barbara Streisand album 'Love is the Answer' on Spotify. O yes, O yes - do check it out. It quite lifted my mood. A great jazz quartet accompanies her (incl. Diana Krall) and the string arrangements are sublime (mostly by Johnny Mandel). And Babs? Well, wonderful.

It will be too romantic for some but it's what I needed this afternoon. And now? Back to work I guess . . .

Here's the BBC Music Review


Yewtree said…
...but what is the Question? :)
Good question - I'm not sure of the answer!

But, for those interested in checking the record out do make sure you get the de-luxe 2CD release. One CD has the tracks with the string arrangements and the other has the original quartet sessions without strings. As you will have noted, I love strings, but the quartet takes are really very, very good. Both CDs are on Spotify if you are minded to give the CD a listen.
Yewtree said…
You've been tagged (up to you if you want to join in): The Bible in five statements challenge