Riprap at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas - Hey Ruth - here you go

Just a quick post to let you know that one of the bands I'm in - Riprap - is playing in the Cambridge Festival of Ideas at the end of this month. Here's the gen:

Hey Ruth - here you go
30th October 2009
Time of event: 19:30 - 22:00
Anglia Ruskin University
No booking required

A collaboration of text and music by Cambridge linked artists of both disciplines, featuring the poets Ruth Padel and Malcolm Guite. The music will be composed and performed the Riprap Collective, consisting of Kevin Flanagan, Dave Gordon, Andy Brown and Russ Morgan. "The Riprap collective can take you back and forth across the porous borderland between music and poetry, contemporary poets inspiring new grooves whilst the music give the poets back their voice with a clean new music in it." Organiser: Kevin Flannagan.


Yewtree said…
Just seen this Bad Quaker Bible Blog on Facebook and thought it might appeal to you.

Its blurb states: The purpose of this blog is for Quakers and interested fellow travelers to explore the Bible together as it speaks to our condition as individuals.

This discussion is open to Christians, non-Christians, atheists and Pagans; to those who are often confused or angered by the Bible and to those who see scripture as inerrant; to good Quakers and to not-so-good Quakers--to name just a few points of view.

All comments should be given in humility and tenderness, especially where the original poster's perspective is different from your own.