The Life and Times of Dr George de Benneville (1703-1793)

One of the most interesting (to my mind anyway) of the eighteenth-century Universalists was George de Benneville. Here is a link to a brief internet biography about him. You will see that it cites the Life and Times of Dr George de Benneville (1703-1793) by Alfred D. Bell as the only biography. Well, for years I kept an eye out for this - nothing. Then the internet came along and the wonderful ABE Books transformed the search for second hand books - but still no luck. Then about two months ago I found it! It wasn't cheap but, after all these years, it was a must have. Anyway, in the hope that there will be others out there who would be interested in reading about this remarkable pioneer of liberal religion below is a link to a pdf scan I have just made of it. The book is long out of print and I trust I'm not infringing copyright in doing this - if I am let me know and I'll take it down - but in the interests of making George de Benneville's name known again here it is for your delectation.

A PDF copy of The Life and Times of Dr George de Benneville (1703-1793)


Steven Rowe said…
The good news for those looking to read this , is that it was never renewed, and thus is public domain.
Thanks SC Universalist for finding that out. Very good news indeed - download away folks!

Warmest wishes to you all.

Anonymous said…
How strange and lucky for me. I was looking for this book for the first time today, and here you posted it only two days ago.
Cool - glad to have been some help.

Lizard Eater said…
Am late to the party, but thank you so much for this. I'm working on a paper right now on universalism during the Reformation, and there's some invaluable stuff in here for working backwards from American Universalism.